Survival Consortium Award of Honor presented to Dr. Joseph Gretzula by his patient, Laskar Schwartz

In September 2005, Dr, Gretzula, in a routine dermatological examination of patient Laskar Schwartz, detected a melanoma on the patient’s right chest. The melanoma was malignant but it was caught at the earliest possible stage, thanks to Dr. Gretzula.

An operation was performed by Dr. Joseph Casey and was totally successful.

In February 2006, in a routine dermatological examination of the same patient, Dr. Gretzula detected a lump in Mr. Schwartz’s right chest. Dr. Gretzula again recommended immediate surgical attention. Dr. Casey performed a lumpectemy, which indicated a malignancy.

A male mastectomy was then performed by. Dr. Casey, which was totally successful in removing all traces of cancer.

Credit for both detections is given to Dr. Gretzula. His professionalism and dedication are deeply appreciated by Mr. Schwartz and his family.

Presented this 16th day of August, 2006.

Laskar Schwartz

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