*”I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you all. For the friendly service, the nice greetings and smiles, and you, Dr. Joe, for your care with me. You are always so friendly and funny. I actually enjoy “going to the Dr.” when I have an appointment with you and your staff.” – Edward Kissel

*”To a great doctor that still has an open mind and an open heart.” – Tarney

*”As long as he stays in practice and I am living in S Florida, he has me as a patient! He also took excellent care of my mother who had a cancerous legion on an arm with lyphmadema and referred us to a wonderful surgeon for further treatment. A good dermatologist is an essential especially living in S Florida. I had mose surgery on my nose four years ago and very much disliked my previous dermatologist. I was referred to Dr. Gretzula by more than one friend and also a neighbor. Best change of doctors I ever made! Dr. Gretzula is a caring, gentle and pro-active doctor without being too “lecturing” about the sun we get simply by moving around in the daylight hours! He has a wonderful sense of humor and his office is efficient, friendly and never a weary wait in the “waiting room”. He is the one doctor I do not dread making an appt with. I highly recommend him and his wonderful staff.” – Diane Duffy

*”Dr. Gretzula’s one smart doctor. I just love him.”

*”He makes me feel comfortable. His examination is thorough. I have faith in him. I look forward to seeing him, and I don’t feel that way about many doctors. He is very kind and empathetic. It is a wonderful environment. It is hard for me to be in doctors’ offices because I am chemically sensitive to different smells, and his office doesn’t bother me. The office is also very comfortable. He is very punctual. I have never had a problem with the effectiveness of his treatment.” – Merle Weiner

*”My beautiful dermatologist, I love him. I happen to have a wonderful doctor; it took me a lot of years to find him. His bedside manner is wonderful; he makes you feel comfortable, that’s an important element in an examination such as a dermatologist would give someone because he sees exposed parts of the body. He’s very thorough in checking the body for changes and for signs for pre-cancer. The appointments are punctual. The staff is very helpful and pleasant to deal with.”

*”We have used Dr. Gretzula as our dermatologist for almost 20 years. He is an excellent doctor and very professional, caring and thorough. His office staff and nurses are efficient, caring and follow up with the patient on time and professionally. I recommend Dr. Gretzula highly.”

*”I went to Dr. Joseph Gretzula. He is an excellent dermatologist. He checks the body for problem areas. He is very good at spotting very small problems that an average person might not see. I am extremely satisfied with him. The environment is also very good for the chemical sensitive person like me.”

*”Dr. Joseph Gretzula is very professional, extremely knowledgeable, and quite accessible. He is also very polite, positive and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Gretzula and his staff.” – Rich Benvin

*”Dr. Gretzula had an extremely helpful hand in saving my life. He was polite, genuine, and overall a great person. His staff had all the same qualities as him, and the people made the visit not just any other doctors visit. I actually look forward to my check ups with Dr. Gretzula, he is a great person but an even better doctor! I highly recommend having Dr. Gretzula as your dermatologist!”

*”Probably save my life after diagnosing a malignant melanoma passed over by two prior dermatologists. To “please leave me alone” the letters are to make sure you know that you have a problem and when it gets worse, it’s your fault, not the doctor’s. He’s the best, period.”

*”I was apprehensive when I first went to see him, but I soon felt comfortable. He answered all my questions. I have been seeing Dr. Gretzula for about four years.”

*”The absolute best and brightest doctor you’ll ever meet. Period.”

*”See for yourself!” – Robert Powers

*”There was no annoying music playing while I waited or during my visit. I appreciated that they didn’t have that typical elevator music on. They gave me sufficient information to make a decision about…” – Susan Collins

*”My visit to your office today far exceeded any expectations I had based on my past visits to other dermatologists in the past. Dr.Gretzula was awesome and today was the most positive visit I’ve ever had with any doctor ever. I don’t think I’ve ever had a more thorough exam and better care. I’m glad I found you guys and will be certainly recommending your office and Dr. Gretzula to everyone I know.” – Joe Clark


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