7 Foods That Can Help Fight Skin Cancer To Include In Your Diet

When it comes to protecting ourselves against skin cancer, most of us just slather on the sunscreen and try to stay out of the sun. However, you can take prevention one step further by including foods in your diet that can help fight off skin cancer. Certain foods contain antioxidants and nutrients that specifically help fight off UV rays, and consuming them can help decrease your chances of potentially getting the disease…



Precancerous Skin Lesions and Skin Cancer Information

Skin cancers — including melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma — often start as changes to your skin. They can be new growths or precancerous lesions — changes that are not cancer but could become cancer over time. An estimated 40% to 50% of fair-skinned people who live to be 65 will develop at least one skin cancer. Learn to spot the early warning signs. Skin cancer can be cured if it’s found and treated early…



25 Best Foods For Your Skin

How to get a radiant glow, banish wrinkles, and keep skin supple and soft—one bite at a time…

You already know that filling your diet with power foods—like dark leafy greens, dark chocolate, citrus—can help beat chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes. But did you know that certain foods can also work wonders on your skin?

“There’s a growing body of research showing that diet really does affect your complexion,” says Jessica Wu, MD, a dermatologist in Los Angeles and author of Feed Your Face. “What you eat can affect your hormone balance, cause acne, and create or lessen inflammation, which is associated with skin aging.”



8 Skincare Secrets My Mom Taught Me!

SKINCARE SECRETS REVEALED…from my mama! Here are 8 Skincare Secrets My Mom Taught Me! If you want to know the skincare tips my mom taught me from an early age, watch this video! I have to thank my mom for teaching me how to take care of my skin at an early age, to her, skincare was just as important as makeup (if not, even more!)…


Olive Leaf Extract Anti-Viral Properties – Olive Leaf Fights Against Herpes Virus

Studies have shown that olive leaf provides a wide range of health benefits, but one of the most effective uses for the leaf is in the fight against herpes viruses. Olive leaf not only helps prevent herpes outbreaks, but it can also prevent the spread of the virus and actually can even kill the virus on the spot….


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