May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and the perfect time to get involved. Have you been affected by skin cancer? During the month of May, please share your story on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and encourage your loved ones to share it too.

Skin Cancer Awareness

Celebrate Skin Cancer Awareness Month With Prevention

When detected early, treatment for skin cancer may require only a simple outpatient surgery at your dermatologist’s office. If it goes undetected, skin cancer can spread. Treatments for advanced skin cancer include chemotherapy and radiation, often coupled with surgery…



Skin Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

Skin cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis, and it’s the most preventable cancer. Most skin cancer is caused by damage from the sun’s ultraviolet radiation (UV rays)…



Dermatologists warn of Merkel Cell Carcinoma during Skin Cancer Awareness Month

A rare, deadly form of skin cancer is on the rise in the US and has doctors warning patients to be extra protective with their skin…

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