Ageotypes: Why do People Age Differently?

Everyone ages differently, but why is that? A team of researchers has pinpointed four “ageotypes” — main biological pathways for aging — that could help us answer that question…



Medical Nutrition Therapy Shows Positive Benefits in Dermatologic Conditions

A growing body of evidence is emerging in support of medical nutrition therapy as a way of reducing severity and incidence of dermatologic diseases, according to recent findings.

Looking closer at specific associations, the researchers observed a link between high glycemic index foods and acne. They reported that immunoglobulin E (IgE)-related allergies were associated with AD, and that weight loss and improved waist circumference may improve psoriasis.

Eliminating hot and spicy foods may benefit patients with rosacea, whereas increased protein intake may speed up the healing process for wounds, they wrote.

Regarding melanoma, an anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense diet is recommended…



Gut Microbiome Fermentation Determines of the Efficacy of Exercise for Prediabetics

In the medical community, type 2 diabetes is considered to be preventable in most people—all it takes is a change in diet and an increase in exercise. But things may not be as simple as that as the researchers with this new effort discovered—they found that exercise does not always lead to reductions in glucose metabolism…


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